About the 1966 Sprint 200

Midway through the 1966 model year, the limited-edition Sprint 200 package began to be promoted due to the overwhelming demand for the 289 c.i.d. V-8, which Ford was running short of. What Ford was not running short of however was the 200 c.i.d. six cylinder; a direct result of the dismal sales of the newly-redesigned Falcon for 1966 (which also used this inline six as its standard engine). The Mustang Sprint 200 was a Ford promotion that would avoid a production slowdown in which the readily-available 200 six would be dressed up with a chrome air cleaner with a special decal and a chrome oil-filler cap.  Two transmission packages were offered; "A" signified the car having a manual transmission, while "B" cars had automatics. It is estimated that of the total number of Sprint 200 Mustangs built in the 1966 model year that 75% of them were package "B" automatics.  Further enhancements would be made both in the interior as well as the exterior with the interior center console with courtesy lights, side accent paint stripe (color matched with the car's interior), and the deluxe wire-style wheel covers. The Sprint name was rarely used in Ford advertising; the package was sold mostly under the guise of three distinct promotions, offered only as "Limited Edition" Mustangs. A number of convertibles and fastbacks were offered under these promotions as well, but it seems as though their availability was never advertised. While most Mustangs with the Sprint 200 label were primarily sold in the early months of 1966, some were built as early as November 1965 and some as late as August of 1966.

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