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As in the 1965 model year, Mustangs were available in three different body styles. The convertible retailed for $2,653, the hardtop for $2,416 and the 2+2 Fastback for $2,607. Adding options such as one of the 289 V-8s, styled steel wheels and 8-track stereo tape player could raise the price of each significantly. Production figures for 1966 reveal 27,809 standard and 7,889 luxury fastbacks were manufactured; as were 422,416 standard, 55,938 luxury and 21,397 hardtops with bench seats, and, 56,409 standard, 12,520 luxury and 3,190 convertibles with bench seats. In all, 607,568 units.  In this photo from the 1966 Mustang dealer's brochure, take notice of how the standard V8 hardtop and convertible have the simulated air scoop ornament. The three-windsplit ornament was standard for only these two body styles, while the 2+2 fastback did not have it.